Abydos Guards are found throughout Abydos, controlling access to various parts of the city.


Sphinx first encounters a guard outside the Abydos Museum, who bars his way until the grand unveiling of the Abydos Jewel collection is ready. A second guard protects the collection until the opening ceremony has been delivered by the Mayor of Abydos.

The guards in the Grand Canal require the Abydos Pass Card for Sphinx to pass through to the Abydos Canal. The one on ground level requests that he rid the canal of Piranhas and Exo-Piranhas, and gives him the Heliopolis Portal Amulet in return.

The guards in the Council Chambers are simply on duty; some request that Sphinx not disturb them if talked to.

Traits and AppearanceEdit

The guards are large anthropomorphic birds with purple-grey feathers and red armor, and carry sickle-tipped polearm weapons. They tend to be stern but calm.

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