Abydos Museum
Abydos Museum
Name Abydos Museum
Monsters All
People Jewel Inspector, Monster Inspector
Items Abydos Jewels
Sub-Locations None
Gallery Abydos Museum Gallery

The Abydos Museum is a large museum located in Abydos.

History Edit

On Sphinx's first visit to the Abydos Museum, he was present for the grand unveiling of the Abydos Jewels exhibit, only to find out that the jewels had been stolen. It was later discovered that the Mayor's Advisors had stolen the jewels and locked them up in the Castle of Uruk. Tutankhamen gradually helped return them. At first, there were very few monsters, and Sphinx provided more.

Appearance Edit

The museum featured a large entrance hall with a room off to the left, which held the Abydos Jewels and an Angry Sarcophagus. If a visitor went straight in from the entrance, they would enter a large room with a curved table, the Jewel Inspector, the Monster Inspector, and three wings for monsters: the left wing, the center wing, and the right wing.

Inhabitants, Items, and Sub-Locations Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Sphinx is the only patron that has been seen in the museum.
  • In some cases, multiple monsters share a single pedestal.
    • The Blade Scorpion has several scorpions on its pedestal due to its small size.
    • The Electric and Fire Armadillo share a single pedestal due to their similarities. If the Skeletal Armadillo made it into the final game, it would have been on this pedestal as well.
  • According to legend, the museum's monsters came to life at night, as one of the signs warns visitors to find a safe place to hide should they become locked in. How or why this happens is a mystery.
  • The Museum's ambient music is titled "Temple II" in the soundtrack on Steam.