Abydos Plaza
Name Abydos Plaza
Monsters Electric Eel
People Dock Woman
Fat Abydosian Man
Fat Abydosian Woman
Small Abydosian Man
Items Abydosian Pearl
Stairs Key
Sub-Locations Abydos Museum
Abydos Sewers
Gallery Abydos Plaza Gallery

Abydos Plaza is the main plaza in Abydos.

History Edit

The waters were infested by electric eels. Overall misfortune plagued the city, such as the theft of the Abydos Jewels and the poisoning of the Mayor. It was later discovered that the Mayor's Advisors were the ones to release the eels, poison the mayor, and steal the jewels. When Sphinx first visited the plaza, he helped the fat Abydosian man retrieve the Abydosian Pearls for his wife. Overall, the plaza was the happiest place in Abydos, and returned to its peaceful state after the defeat of Set.

Appearance Edit

The plaza was the main focal point of Abydos, set up with ziplines, a well, side paths, and the Abydos Museum. A juggler worked in the plaza, amusing those who came by, such as the fat Abydosian woman.

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Trivia Edit

  • The plaza is one of the safer regions of Abydos.