Akaria dome is an underwater cave with a big dome location in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

History Edit

Sphinx visited this place when the Mayor of Abydos asks him to deliver a letter to the King of Akaria. When he arrives here, the war between Akaria and Abydos is about to explode, all the inhabitants are refugee in their homes. While Sphinx is on this part of the city a new attack occurs, the Abydosians break the dome and the entire city is flooded.

Appearance Edit

The first room that the players arrive is a little flooded cave with a broken bridge, this cave has a corridor connected with the dome room, this is a big cave that has a dome with a big tower in the middle with a spiral ramp around it, to access the top. This level also have a beta mechanic, there's a part of this level where Sphinx can slide by a tunnel.

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