Akhenaten is a minor character in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, and is also Tutankhamen's older brother.

Biography Edit

Luxor Palace Edit

Not much is known about the real Akhenaten's life other than that he was the brother of Tutankhamen. His life energy was used by the dark god Set to take on his shape in an attempt to take over Luxor by impersonating Akhenaten. It is believed that the real Akhenaten was murdered in a similar fashion to Tutankhamen.

Set and his advisor, Menes, raided the Treasure Room of the Luxor Palace and escaped to gather troops. Tutankhamen walked in on the secret meeting, and was taken to a chamber in the Mysterious Location and mummified shortly before Sphinx could stop it.

When Sphinx destroyed the giant magical device anchoring the ceremony, Set, Menes, and the mummified remains of Tutankhamen were sucked through a vortex into the Castle of Uruk.

To gain power in Luxor, Set used the Akhenaten shape to explain to the inhabitants of Luxor Palace that Tutankhamen had died in an accident. It is rumored that he later married his brother's girlfriend, Nefertiti.

Traits and Appearance Edit

Akhenaten was almost always jealous of Tutankhamen, as his birthdays were always bigger events than Akhenaten's. He wore a blue tunic and headdress, and seemed to always wear a scowl on his face.

However, given that Akhenaten was in fact a disguise of Set, his true personality (if it differs from the one portrayed by Set at all), is unknown.

Connection with Ancient EgyptEdit

In history, Akhenaten was Tutankhamen's father. He was also the most hated Pharaoh in all of ancient Egyptian history, as he tried to end the polytheistic worshipping in favor of the worship of the Aten sun disk, changing his name into the current form used in the process. As a result, Akhenaten was branded a heretic, and almost all record of his name was struck from history in an attempt to destroy his soul and prevent any chance of him reaching the afterlife.

Trivia Edit

  • Since Set took the form of Akhenaten, it is unknown what happened to the real Akhenaten, but since Set seemed to require the draining of a person's life force to take their shape, it is theorised by fans that he is dead.

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