Alert Spider
Outskirts of Castle of Uruk
Planetarium of Amusement
Uruk Temple
Buy Price Sell Price
None None
Attack Defense
Unknown Unknown
Weapon Hostile
Pincer Legs Yes
Museum Display
Wing Number
Central 1
Alert Spider Gallery

The Alert Spider is a monster in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Description Edit

Book of Sphinx Description Edit

Due to the fact that the Alert Spider is a non-capturable monster, there is no Book of Sphinx description.

Abydos Museum Description Edit

"The Alert Spider spends its life above the ground climbing over walls or ceilings. From this high vantage point, it is able to drop down on unsuspecting prey without drawing attention to itself.''"
―Abydos Museum[src]

Traits, Appearance, and AbilitiesEdit

The Alert Spider is a small monster with six legs (unlike regular arachnids with eight) and one large, all-seeing eye that gave it its name. The species is known for climbing walls, ladders, and vertical or horizontal surfaces so they can better stalk their prey from above. To attack, they use their front, slicing legs, which make a clicking noise.

Strategy Edit

  • Strategy for Sphinx: Simply avoid the spider, as there is no way to attack it in the first encounters. In the Uruk Temple encounter, Blow Darts may be utilized.
  • Strategy for the Mummy: Use the electric mummy form to fry the spider off of the ladder. This is the only time the Mummy encounters the Alert Spider.

Locations Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Alert Spider is one of the monsters already on display at the Abydos Museum. This is because there is never an opportunity to capture it, along with the Alert Spiders primarily being found on vertical surfaces and/or upside down on a ceiling, which prevents Capture Beetles from reaching them as they cannot climb.
    • During the first encounter, Sphinx doesn't have any capture beetles.
    • The second encounter is made by Tutankhamen, where it serves as his first and kill.
    • The third encounter being in the Temple of Uruk, where the spiders are upside-down.
  • Despite being a spider, it only has six legs, making it more of an insect than an arachnid. This trait is shared by the other Spider monsters.
  • It is one of the few monsters that both Sphinx and Tutankhamen encounter, the other being a Rat.
    • It is also the only monster Tut has killed.

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