Great Wall Entrance I
Lost Temple of Heliopolis
Buy Price Sell Price
None 15 Scarabs
Attack Defense
3 2
Weapon Hostile
Claws Yes
Museum Display
Wing Number
Left 9
Almost-a-Bull Gallery

The Almost-a-Bull is a monster in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Description Edit

Book of Sphinx Description Edit

"Almost-a-Bull is named so not only for the two horns atop its head, but also for its unnerving habit of charging and attacking anyone wearing the color red."
―Book of Sphinx[src]

Abydos Museum Description Edit

"Often found in Heliopolis, the Almost-a-Bull’s defense mechanism sees it shrink in order to present a smaller target for any attacker. A unique breeding mistake led to one hand being replaced with a third horn; almost an evolutionary anomaly."
―Abydos Museum[src]

Traits, Appearance, and AbilitiesEdit

The Almost-a-Bull appears to be completely covered in bandages like a mummy. Whenever it is struck by the Blade of Osiris, its size reduces. When the monster goes near the gas vents, their size and health will replenish. Almost-a-Bulls use their claws to deliver brutal and dangerous attacks.

Strategy Edit

  • Strategy for Sphinx: Almost-a-Bulls tend to appear near gas vents. Slash at the shrinking monster until it is dead. Each time it is hit, it will reduce I size. However, if it gets back to the gas vent, it will regrow and heal. The best strategy for killing this monster is to stand on the gas vent, preventing it from returning to its safety marker.

Locations Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Oddly enough, the museum description mentions evolution - something that was not even considered until Charles Darwin discovered it 5,000 years later.