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Anubis is a character in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. He is a god.

Biography Edit

Anubis was the powerful god of death as well as the protector of his wounded and mysterious master, Osiris. When Osiris built the Great Wall of Heliopolis, he assigned Anubis as its guardian. The jackal god gave the Sacred Crown of Abydos to the city's mayor, and the Sacred Crown of Heliopolis to the Pharaoh of Heliopolis, who became corrupted under Set's influence. In order to protect the inhabitants of Heliopolis from Set, Anubis turned them into stone and put them inside the Cursed Palace. Later on, he and Sphinx met, and worked together against Set. Anubis gradually granted Sphinx gifts, such as Curse Stones, Capture Beetles, and other items.

Traits and Appearance Edit

Anubis seemed to be stubborn and distrustful, likely developed over time due to Set's betrayal. Despite being the god of death, he seemed to be serious about protecting the living. While in his tower, he appeared as a giant statue that was incapable of moving, but had yellow, glowing eyes. He was later freed from this, and transformed into a demi-god form to help Sphinx fight.

Connection with Ancient EgyptEdit

Anubis is based off the ancient Egyptian god by the same name. It is said that he looked over where mummification was performed and supervised priests' embalming worker. Later, he was considered to be the gatekeeper and ruler of the underworld, and he protected souls as the journeyed there. Anubis' sphere of influence includes cemeteries, embalming, and all funerary practices.

He was also a psychopomp much like the modern Grim Reaper and acted as both a guide to the recently departed and a judge at the Scales of Ma'at, where the Soul's Ib or heart was weighed against a Feather of Truth. Should the heart be just about as heavy as the feather, the soul was allowed passage to Aaru, or paradise. Should the heart be too heavy, it was eaten by Ammit, and soul destroyed or sent to the Eleventh House of Night (myth depending).

In several myths, Set was Anubis' father while in others, it is Osiris. His mother is usually Nepthys. Anubis watching over the wounded Osiris may be a reference to the myth where he bound Osiris' torn body into the first mummy.

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