The Bedouin Outpost is a large community of people housed in tents in Heliopolis.

History Edit

The Bedouin Outpost was a small settlement along the beach on the far side of South Beach. The inhabitants resided in tents and seldom got visitors, though boats that were passing through sometimes stopped by. Such inhabitants included Urbain, an archaeologist, Shetta, a healer, and Khufu, a capture beetle specialist. There was a watchtower on the beach that was probably used to look out for incomers that could possibly be attackers. There was an underwater passage near the outpost that leads to the Cursed Palace.

Appearance Edit

The Bedouin Outpost was situated along a small beach community in which its inhabitants lived in tents. Most of them were explorers or nomads. It offered a shop to buy Capture Beetles, to increase your health if you have four Gold Ankh Pieces, take on a monster side quest, or read the Rosetta Stone.

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Trivia Edit

  • The Bedouin Outpost is based on the real-world Bedouin people.
  • Bedouin roughly translates to "Badiyah dwellers" in Arabic, and the word Badiyah refers to the desert or visible land.

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