"Gee, thanks! If everyone was like you we'd have no problems in this world. I wouldn't even be sat here!"
―The beggar hippie to Sphinx

The beggar hippie is a character in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Biography Edit

The beggar hippie is found lying on pillows near the Grand Canal. Sphinx can donate scarabs to him, and, after 30 scarabs have been donated, he gives Sphinx a Gold Ankh Piece.

He says he likes to travel a lot and go to Heliopolis to "chill out on the beach" in the Bedouin Outpost. Sphinx can give him a parasol, and receive the large scarab bag.

Beggar hippie bedouin outpost

The Beggar Hippie when encountered at the Bedouin Outpost

Traits and Appearance Edit

The beggar hippie is a bird with blue-gray feathers, long blond hair and a headband with feathers in it.


"You don't have that many Scarabs yourself, friend. Perhaps you should find a doorway and take up my profession."
―If Sphinx offers an amount he doesn't have
"Wow, 2 Scarabs! Now I can go and buy that house I always wanted! Mumble... tight fisted... grumble... stingy little..."
―If Sphinx offers 2 Scarabs
"Wow, you are a regular samaritan! You've been so generous, let me give you something in return. I found this thing the other day in one of the sewers. Don't ask me what I was doing down there, you don't want to know! Anyway, it's all I have and I want you to take it."
―The third time Sphinx offers 10 Scarabs
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