The Book of the Dead is a quest item in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

History Edit

The Book of the Dead was in the possession of the Scribe when he was trapped inside the Cursed Palace. Sphinx received the book when he released the Scribe from his stony imprisonment. Imhotep utilized incantations contained in the book to send Bas-Ket to the Castle of Uruk with Canopic Vases.

Description Edit

"This tome contains incantations to send Bas-Ket to Uruk Castle with Canopic Vases for the Mummy."
Book of Sphinx

Connection with Ancient Egypt Edit

The Book of the Dead is a manuscript of several papyri joined together. The actual title is "Book of Coming Forth by Day," and it served as a roadmap and guide for the newly deceased soul to navigate the Duat underworld from their tomb to the Hall of Judgement where Anubis would weigh their heart against the Feather of Truth.

Every important person in ancient Egypt was buried by one, and one of the most well-known copies was that of Hunefer, mainly due to its high quality of preservation and the large images.

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