A boss is a powerful antagonist that is confronted at some point during the game. There are a total of four: Apocalypse, Geb Queen, the Pharaoh Spider, and Set.

Bosses Edit

Apocalypse Edit

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Apocalpse was the result of the Mayor of Abydos's two advisors merging together to form a single servant of Set controlled by both of their minds. Sphinx confronted them in the lair below the Council Chambers. In the end, he defeated Apocalypse by hitting him with a beam of light focused from a crystal located in the center of the lair, forming a charged light energy beam. By killing the boss, Sphinx was able to obtain the Sacred Crown of Abydos.

Geb Queen Edit

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The Geb Queen lived in her palace in the Uruk Islands. Being that she was the holder of the Sacred Crown of Uruk, she was confronted by Sphinx in a duel. During the fight, she would utilize Skull Swordsmen and her ability to turn Sphinx into a Small Frog. However, Spike Spiders in her palace were used to fight her. She was eventually defeated by her opponent.

Pharaoh Spider Edit

Pharaoh Spider
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The Pharaoh Spider was originally the Pharaoh of Heliopolis, who was cast in stone by Anubis and rescued by Sphinx. He was later revealed to be corrupt, leading Sphinx to have to catch him and confront him. He was located in the catacombs beneath the Cursed Palace, where he transformed into the large spider. The two engaged in combat, and Sphinx resulted as the victor. His defeat granted Sphinx the Sacred Crown of Heliopolis.

Set Edit

Set Profile
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When Sphinx arrived at the Castle of Uruk, the two fought in a boss battle. Eventually, Sphinx defeated him, obtaining the Sacred Crown of Set, and Set peacefully merged with Osiris to become Ra.

Trivia Edit

  • A fifth boss, Ishka, was to appear in the game, but was cut with the rest of the Sakkara area.

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