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"Prince, I have heard rumors concerning palace security. I requested strengthening the guard, but your brother said he would handle it."
―The Captain to Tutankhamen

The Captain of the Guard is a background character in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Biography Edit

Luxor Palace Edit

The captain of the guard is the head of security in Luxor Palace, in charge of the Palace Guards. When Tutankhamen speaks to him he mentions that, having heard rumors about the palace's security, he had requested strengthening the guard, but that Tut's brother Akhenaten had said he would handle it. He is unaware that Akhenaten is Set in disguise, planning to steal the treasure from the Treasure Room and kill Tutankhamen.

When the Treasure Room is raided, the captain tries to inform Akhenaten but cannot find him, as Set is in the Mysterious Location by then.

Appearance and Traits Edit

The captain wears a gold and blue tunic and nemes, and has a white beard.

He exhibits personal concern for Tutankhamen's safety, admonishing the prince for exploring the many old, hidden passages in the palace.

Quotes Edit

"Prince, you never listen to me! You can't risk yourself wandering around those dangerous passages. They are so old that they could collapse at any moment!"
―To Tutankhamen when he emerges from a hidden passage, having ignored his advice

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