Capture Beetles are ability items in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy that are capable of capturing monsters.

Description Edit

Capture Beetles are special insects that can capture any monster that has been weakened to the point in which they begin to flash (with exception of slim burbles, which flash upon spawning). They are bright purple and have a pink light that glows around them. Upon making contact with a monster, the beetle transforms into a magical cage around the creature. This cage promptly shrinks into a few motes of light the spiral upward before vanishing, symbolizing that the monster has been successfully captured.

Trivia Edit

  • They have a similar appearance to the scarabs, but are significantly larger.
  • The beetles dissolve upon contact with water. This is why aquatic monsters (Electric Eels, Sea Turtles, and Manta Rays) cannot be captured.
    • The same applies to lava, which would prevent Spitting Toads were they encountered later in the game. They also cannot climb walls or ceilings, which is why Alert Spiders cannot be captured.
  • They are controlled by the left analog stick on both PlayStation and Xbox.
  • It is unknown why Squirts are immune to them.

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