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The Castle of Uruk is a large, towering castle in the location known as Uruk in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

History Edit

The Castle of Uruk belonged to the Urukite race prior to Set's takeover. When he captured the castle, the Urukite's were imprisoned or killed, and a giant Eye of Ra was installed in its highest tower. Set's world-conquest took off from that moment, becoming the headquarters for his actions. After the murder of Tutankhamen, the body was placed in the dungeon with other rotting corpses. Tutankhamen would be brought to life for short periods of time and due missions for Sphinx.

Appearance Edit

The castle was a tall, black structure that holds the Eye of Ra on the top of it, destroying things in its wake. It was surrounded by high, dark walls surrounded by rivers of lava. Several towers jetted out from the base of the castle and around the central tower that held the Eye of Ra. It was decorated with spikes, thorns, buttresses, bridges, and what appeared to be a courtyard near the front gate.

Sub-Locations Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Uruk is a real location in Iraq; however, the depiction in the game is entirely fiction.
  • Among the fandom, the Castle is often used to represent the fandom itself, as it is the first landmark of the world players see.

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