The Corridor of Champions is a minigame in Abydos Plaza, operated by the Gauntlet Man.

History Edit

Sphinx visits the corridor in order to acquire game medals to trade for the Goofy Lizard. After completing the third stage, he receives the Medal of Champions.

Layout Edit

In the main lobby, there is an area in which visitors can see the top scores. On the other end of the room, there is a fence blocking off a pedestal with a Blue Diamond on it. This is used by the Gauntlet Man to test if challengers are worthy to compete. The double jump ability is required in order to retrieve the diamond and do the gauntlets.

Stages Edit

Each of the gauntlet stages has the same basic layout, with different difficulty levels. The goal for each stage is to smash all of the statues, overcome the obstacles, and make it past the doorway within the time limit.

Gauntlet One Edit

Statues are only found on the first height level of the walls. All obstacles are thin and only have first level height. The time limit is 100 seconds.

Gauntlet Two Edit

Statues are found on both the first and second height levels of the walls. All obstacles are either thin or medium thickness, and are either first or second level high. The time limit is 200 seconds.

Gauntlet Three Edit

Statues are found on the first, second, and third height levels of the walls. All obstacles vary in thickness and height. This stage is often found difficult by players. The time limit is 300 seconds.

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