The Crabhands is a monster in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Description Edit

"Crabhands attack their enemies with sharp claws in a somewhat cumbersome fashion. Let it get close enough, however, and expect painful results."
Book of Sphinx
"A biped with a grumpy temperament."
Monster Inspector
"A combination of humanoid and shellfish makes up this monster, found throughout the land. The gold armour plating adorning Crabhands is permanently welded to its body and enchanted to allow for growth."
Abydos Museum

Traits, Appearance, and Abilities Edit

The Crabhands is described as a "combination of humanoid and shellfish", which is rather accurate with its ape-like face and crab claws. It has magenta fur and flesh.

Strategy for SphinxEdit

Be wary of its long reach. When you find an opening, hit it with the Blade of Osiris until it can be captured or until it dies.

Locations Edit

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