Cursed Palace
Cursed Palace
Name Cursed Palace
Monsters Blade Scorpion
People Farmer
Fat Abydosian Woman's Sister
Fortune Teller
Pharaoh of Heliopolis
Pharaoh Spider
Pharaoh's Guards
Pharaoh's Wife
Items Book of the Dead
Canopic Vase
Sacred Crown of Heliopolis
Sub-Locations N/A
Gallery Cursed Palace Gallery

The Cursed Palace is a palace that housed the Pharaoh of Heliopolis in Heliopolis.

History Edit

The Cursed Palace (which was called the Heliopolis Palace) was the home of the Pharaoh of Heliopolis. Shortly after the takeover of Set, Anubis cast a spell on almost all of the inhabitants of Heliopolis that turned them into stone. Gradually, Anubis granted Sphinx colorful Curse Stones to free them. The Pharaoh of Heliopolis was revealed to be extremely corrupt, becoming the giant Pharaoh Spider. In his confrontation with Sphinx, he was killed.

Appearance Edit

The palace was located in the self-named desert in Heliopolis. It was a sandy colored building with a frontal ramp up to the entrance. A long hall was located inside, and there were three doors: one to the left, one in the center, and one to the right. The center door was guarded by the Pharaoh's Guards, and it could not be accessed until they were free and until Sphinx had the Royal Invitation. Beyond the doors was the Pharaoh's room, which featured a large throne and an underground passageway.

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Trivia Edit

  • The Cursed Palace is one of the most iconic locations in Heliopolis, as well as of the game (the first-most recognizable location is the Castle of Uruk).
  • A common irk of the fandom is how, when the throne room is unlocked, the player is unable to simply walk up to the Sacred Crown of Heliopolis and take it from its pedestal instead of having to fight the Pharaoh Spider.