The Cursed Palace Area is a location in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, and a sub-location of Heliopolis.

History Edit

The Cursed Palace Area was named for the Cursed Palace. The land around the palace was home to the Farmers and the inhabitants of the palace. After Set's takeover, Anubis had placed deadly Eye of Ra Posts throughout the area. The area was frequently visited by Sphinx during his quest. He would eventually make the area safe to travel through by destroying the Eye of Ra Posts.

Appearance Edit

The Cursed Palace Area, like the rest of Heliopolis, was a desert area. The land here however, was more fertile due to the presence of a river. Eye of Ra Posts were mainly placed around the farm. Located east of Riverside Farm there was a water tunnel leading to the Bedouin Outpost.

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Trivia Edit

  • One can access the rest of Heliopolis up the hill behind the farm, by going past the Great Wall Entrance II.
  • Judging from the Slim Burble warren, there must be a small pool of lava flowing underground from Uruk under Heliopolis, as these monsters require the molten rock to survive.

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