Darts are ability items. They give Sphinx projectile weapons that mostly fire via the blowpipe. There are five different variants of the dart. There are no darts that affect Dark Worshippers, due to their smoke-like bodies.

Icon dart standard Standard DartsEdit

Sphinx using the Standard Darts

Sphinx using Standard Darts

Standard darts are the basic dart used by Sphinx, and are mostly used to activate targets, but they can also harm Slim Burbles.

They are acquired along with the Blowpipe at Great Wall Entrance I. They have an infinite supply.

Icon dart acid Acid DartsEdit

Sphinx using Acid Dart

Sphinx using Acid Darts

Acid darts are used to melt metal chains and can damage monsters (not Dark Worshippers).

They are received from Anubis in Anubis Tower. At first the maximum inventory is 30, but the number can be increased to 50 with the purchase of a Dart Belt at Heliopolis Point.


Acid Dart ammo

Icon dart bounce Bouncing DartsEdit

Sphinx using Bouncing Darts

Sphinx using Bouncing Darts

Bouncing darts rebound off solid surfaces and are used to hit targets that couldn't otherwise be hit by shooting standard darts in a straight line. Like Standard Darts, they can only harm Slim Burbles.

They are acquired at the Uruk Temple in the Uruk Islands after killing a Green Giant Worm. The Bouncing Darts are only used once: in the area in which they are found. They have an infinite supply.

Icon dart ice Ice DartsEdit

Sphinx using Ice Dart

Sphinx using Ice Darts

Ice darts can freeze small- and medium-sized monsters into movable ice blocks that can serve as steps in the time before they melt.

They are acquired in Great Wall Entrance III. At first the maximum inventory is 30, but this can be increased to 50 with the purchase of a Dart Belt at Heliopolis Point.


Ice Dart ammo

Icon dart ka Ka DartsEdit

Sphinx using Ka Dart

Sphinx using Ka Darts

Ka darts allow Sphinx to teleport using Ka Ankh Teleporter Pads by shooting the top of the Ka Ankh.

They are only usable while standing on a Ka Ankh Teleporter Pad, found at Great Wall Entrance II, Great Wall Entrance III, Uruk Canyon, and the Uruk Islands. Ka darts have an unlimited supply.

Icon dart underwater Underwater ProjectilesEdit

Sphinx using Aqua Darts

Sphinx using Underwater Projectiles

Underwater Projectiles are used underwater, to do damage to aquatic monsters and breakable pots, or to activate targets.

They were received from Urbain while at the Lost Temple of Heliopolis. Unlike blowpipe darts, they cannot be aimed independently; they will be thrown in whatever direction Sphinx is facing at the time. They have an infinite supply.

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