The Dungeon is part of the Castle of Uruk. It is where Tutankhamen begins each of his sections of the game after being mummified and left for dead.


Tutankhamen is thrown in the dungeon by Set and Menes after having had his life energy drained as part of their plot. There, Bas-Ket periodically brings him Canopic Vases found by Sphinx, which restore him to undead life for a limited time; he must escape the dungeon repeatedly and travel to other areas of the castle, finding helpful items for Sphinx and thwarting Set by stealing Abydos Jewels and eventually the Sacred Crown of Set.


The dungeon consists of several areas beyond the cell that Tutankhamen wakes up in.

A hatch in the ceiling of the dungeon cell leads to a stretch of seemingly bottomless passages that connect to other areas of the castle.

These passages lead to a round room surrounding part of the Eye of Ra ray; a number of doors to other areas are guarded by Set's Eyes.

The dungeon cell's door connects to a lobby, with a secret door connecting to other areas of the castle, including directly to the room of doors.



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