Eagle discs are interactive objects in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.


Eagle discs are found in the Cursed Palace Area of Heliopolis. When Sphinx uses the Eagle Stone on them, a Mummy Eagle will fly to him and carry him to a set location.

Eagle stone cpa first

Sphinx using the Eagle Stone to summon a Mummy Bird


There are only two eagle discs in the game; they are used to circumvent the Eye of Ra Posts in the Cursed Palace area and thus acquire Slim Burbles, which can then be used to destroy the posts. Once this is done, they are relatively obsolete.


An eagle disc is a large, flat disc set into a mount in the ground, with light symbols on its dark surface.

Connection with Ancient EgyptEdit

The symbols on the disc are a vulture with outstretched wings, holding shen rings in its claws, and below it two standing falcons facing each other. The vulture is Nekhbet, usually pictured over a pharaoh, the shen rings symbolising everlasting protection. The falcons are Horus.

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