The map editor window of EuroLand, showing the Uruk Intro map with all its triggers (_ur_intr.elf).


EuroLand splash screen art.

EuroLand —sometimes stylized as Euroland— was the internal all-in-one editor used by the company, it was tightly integrated with custom Maya and 3ds Max plugins to edit maps and geometry. After Sphinx, the company started a new iteration called EuroLand 2, with a revised scene format and improved tools.

EuroLand predates EngineX by several years, as it includes tools mentioning the original PlayStation, with the splash screen mentioning 1997-2003 as copyright years. The editor can be retargeted to support multiple "output" (i.e. export) back-ends, one of those being .EDB (EngineX DataBase) files for specific EngineX game versions.[1]

Due to internal strings and references we know that it was —at least— used to export assets for third-party engines in Tarzan, 40 Winks, James Bond 007: Nightfire and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Internally, the editor opens packaged binary assets in the custom .ELF (EuroLand File) format. Newer versions of the editor were made to be retro-compatible with much older revisions of the quickly expanding .ELF format. This was important because the .ELF format was not supposed to be game-specific.

The only official mentions to EuroLand and EngineX before the public release of the Authoring Tools in early 2018 were from employees in CVs and LinkedIn, some tidbits were "leaked" and published in mainstream news[2] about Dead Space: Extraction's PS3 and Xbox 360 port. Some footage of EuroLand appears in the Making of video.

Features Edit

EuroLand has a MDI interface where multiple .ELF files can be opened simultaneously under the same instance, each file appears as a document window where its contents are laid out in a hierarchical tree. By double-clicking an item type one of the several sub-windows will open with additional functionality.

EuroLand MDI Interface

MDI interface, with the hierarchical tree of HD73_Hel_Nomad_Healer(Dark).elf opened. Entities, Textures, Animations and Scripts are visible.

References Edit

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