The map editor window of EuroLand, showing the Uruk Intro map with all its triggers (_ur_intr.elf).


EuroLand splash screen art.

EuroLand —sometimes stylized as Euroland— was the internal all-in-one editor used by the company, it was tightly integrated with custom Maya and 3ds Max plugins to edit maps and geometry. After Sphinx, the company started a new iteration called EuroLand 2, with a revised scene format and improved tools.

EuroLand predates EngineX by several years, as it includes tools mentioning the original PlayStation, with the splash screen mentioning 1997-2003 as copyright years. The editor can be retargeted to support multiple "output" (i.e. export) back-ends, one of those being .EDB (EngineX DataBase) files for specific EngineX game versions.[1]

Due to internal strings and references we know that it was —at least— used to export assets for third-party engines in Tarzan, 40 Winks, James Bond 007: Nightfire and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Internally, the editor opens packaged binary assets in the custom .ELF (EuroLand File) format. Newer versions of the editor were made to be retro-compatible with much older revisions of the quickly expanding .ELF format. This was important because the .ELF format was not supposed to be game-specific.

The only official mentions to EuroLand and EngineX before the public release of the Authoring Tools in early 2018 were from employees in CVs and LinkedIn, some tidbits were "leaked" and published in mainstream news[2] about Dead Space: Extraction's PS3 and Xbox 360 port. Some footage of EuroLand appears in the Making of video.


EuroLand has a MDI interface where multiple .ELF files can be opened simultaneously under the same instance, each file appears as a document window where its contents are laid out in a hierarchical tree. By double-clicking an item type one of the several sub-windows will open with additional functionality.

EuroLand MDI Interface

MDI interface, with the hierarchical tree of HD73_Hel_Nomad_Healer(Dark).elf opened. Entities, Textures, Animations and Scripts are visible.

Graph Editor

By looking up in the EuroLand source we can see how it is supposed to work; to insert new points in the Graph Editor (for particles) you just have to double click on the line.

To delete a point in the curve you can either press the Del key or right click on it without moving the cursor. You can select and move them normally by clicking and holding the left mouse button. If you press Shift or Ctrl the movement will snap/be locked in the horizontal (time) and vertical (value) axis, respectively. We probably should document this into the wiki in the future, but at least the knowledge is out there.

You can pan the view by dragging while holding the middle mouse button. The scroll wheel works normally for zooming in and out. There has to be at least two points in the graph at any given time, so the first and last one are locked. There's an additional feature for only zooming vertically or horizontally by holding Ctrl or Shift, respectively. That should be it, I think. Lots of tiny details that aren't explained anywhere.

Map editor

Right-clicking a trigger circle when selected in the top-down view will push it down against the solid geometry. This is useful for aligning triggers against the ground.

Command-line arguments

EuroLand supports outputting EDB files directly in an automated fashion by using special launch arguments. As well as doing batch work and running .ELM files to programmatically control the interface and do all kind of things. See the included EuroLand macros for inspiration.

usage: EUROLAND [opts] [filename] where options are:
   /o ALL        - Output All Targets after loading
   /o targetname - Output Target after loading
   /m macrofile  - Run Macro after loading
   /d            - Disable automatic document loading
   /?            - Help

Default hot keys

Hot keys can be configured individually in each sub-window by pressing F1, or by opening the global dialog; locate the Hot Keys button in the left bar, under Options (next to Project and Global). Many commands and actions are unassigned by default and not present in any menus, the only way to access most of the functionality is to map it depending on the workflow for each artist. Here are the default values as shown in the global dialog, for quick reference:

Command Global Animation Entity Map Particle Script TextureMap Connectivity Graph Font
Animate - Copy ghost data -unassigned-
Animate - Ghost next Alt + F3
Animate - Ghost previous Alt + F2
Animate - Remove all keys at this frame -unassigned-
Animate - Toggle disabled flag -unassigned-
Create - Box Shift + X
Create - Polygon Shift + O


Display - Entity summary -unassigned-
Display - Information -unassigned- I -unassigned- -unassigned- P I
Display - Path summary -unassigned-
Display - Statistics W
Display - Trigger summary -unassigned-


Edit - Animate -unassigned-
Edit - Attach skin Space
Edit - Bug coordinates -unassigned- -unassigned-
Edit - Copy C C C Ctrl + C C
Edit - Copy & Paste Previous Frame -unassigned-
Edit - Copy All Keyframes Alt + C
Edit - Copy Keyframe C
Edit - Cut X X X Ctrl + X X
Edit - Cut Keyframe X
Edit - Cycle to Next Texture/Frame -unassigned-
Edit - Cycle to Previous Texture/Frame -unassigned-
Edit - Delete Delete Delete -unassigned- Delete Delete Delete
Edit - Find -unassigned- -unassigned-
Edit - Find next -unassigned- -unassigned-
Edit - Insert section Insert
Edit - Paste V V V Ctrl + V V
Edit - Paste All Keyframes Alt + V
Edit - Paste Keyframe V
Edit - Redo Shift + U Shift + U Shift + U Shift + U
Edit - Select Next Tab
Edit - Select Previous Shift + Tab
Edit - Split Command -unassigned-
Edit - Tools programmer test function -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned-
Edit - Undo Ctrl + Z U U U U


Eurocom - Align Points (menu) -unassigned-
Eurocom - Align to background points -unassigned-
Eurocom - Align to last selected -unassigned-
Eurocom - Align to last selected (on axis) -unassigned-
Eurocom - Apply transformation -unassigned-
Eurocom - Edit Child -unassigned-
Eurocom - Face flags -unassigned-
Eurocom - Face identifiers -unassigned-
Eurocom - Face Z-Order -unassigned-
Eurocom - Limit coords -unassigned-
Eurocom - Line segment -unassigned-
Eurocom - Make planar -unassigned-
Eurocom - Make planar (orthogonal) -unassigned-
Eurocom - Polygon Recombination -unassigned-
Eurocom - Polygon Reducution -unassigned-
Eurocom - Purge -unassigned-
Eurocom - Split points -unassigned-
Eurocom - Split quads -unassigned-


File - New Ctrl + N
File - Open Ctrl + O
File - Output -unassigned- Shift + Ctrl + O Shift + Ctrl + O Shift + Ctrl + O Shift + Ctrl + O Shift + Ctrl + O
File - Output All -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned-
File - Output GC -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned-
File - Output PC -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned-
File - Output PS2 -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned-
File - Output XB -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned-
File - Print Ctrl + P
File - Save -unassigned- Ctrl + S -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned-
File - Save & Output -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned-
File - Save as -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned-


Layer - Face layer 0 active -unassigned-
Layer - Face layer 1 active -unassigned-
Layer - Face layer 2 active -unassigned-
Layer - Face layer 3 active -unassigned-
Layer - Face layer 4 active -unassigned-
Layer - Face layer 5 active -unassigned-
Layer - Face layer 6 active -unassigned-
Layer - Face layer 7 active -unassigned-


Light - Light brush -unassigned-
Light - Light levels tool -unassigned-
Light - Light vertex L
Light - Lock lighting on the active layer -unassigned-
Light - Unlock lighting on the active layer -unassigned-
Light - Update lighting -unassigned-
Light - Vary lighting dlg -unassigned-
Light - Vary lighting tool -unassigned-
Light - Vary Lights tool -unassigned- -unassigned-


Macro - Run # 1 -unassigned-
Macro - Run # 2 -unassigned-
Macro - Run # 3 -unassigned-
Macro - Run # 4 -unassigned-
Macro - Run # 5 -unassigned-
Macro - Run # 6 -unassigned-
Macro - Run # 7 -unassigned-
Macro - Run # 8 -unassigned-
Macro - Run # 9 -unassigned-
Macro - Run #10 -unassigned-
Macro - Run #11 -unassigned-
Macro - Run #12 -unassigned-
Macro - Run #13 -unassigned-
Macro - Run #14 -unassigned-
Macro - Run #15 -unassigned-
Macro - Run #16 -unassigned-
Macro - Run #17 -unassigned-
Macro - Run #18 -unassigned-
Macro - Run #19 -unassigned-
Macro - Run #20 -unassigned-


Mode - All -unassigned- -unassigned-
Mode - Camera -unassigned-
Mode - Collision -unassigned- -unassigned-
Mode - Datum -unassigned-
Mode - Entity -unassigned-
Mode - Force -unassigned-
Mode - Frustrum -unassigned-
Mode - Light -unassigned- -unassigned-
Mode - Particle -unassigned-
Mode - Path -unassigned-
Mode - Polygon Ctrl + H Ctrl + H Ctrl + H
Mode - Select joint Ctrl + J
Mode - Sound -unassigned-
Mode - Special -unassigned-
Mode - Toggle Space Space
Mode - Trigger -unassigned-
Mode - Vertex Ctrl + G Ctrl + G Ctrl + G
Mode - Zone -unassigned- -unassigned-


Modify - Bevel Shift + B
Modify - Drag Ctrl + T Ctrl + T Ctrl + T Ctrl + T
Modify - Extrude Shift + E
Modify - Grow -unassigned-
Modify - Knife -unassigned-
Modify - Knife PolyLine -unassigned-
Modify - Lathe Shift + L
Modify - Mirror Shift + V
Modify - Move T T T T T
Modify - Rotate Y Y Y Y Y
Modify - Rotate 90 L E -unassigned-
Modify - Rotate 90 R R -unassigned-
Modify - Rotate At Ctrl + Y
Modify - Size Shift + H Shift + H -unassigned- Shift + H Shift + H
Modify - Stretch H H H H
Modify - Taper 1 -unassigned-
Modify - Taper 2 -unassigned-
Modify - Throw -unassigned-


Options - Display D D D D D D D
Options - Global -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned-
Options - Hot keys -unassigned- F1 F1 F1 F1 F1 F1 F1 F1 F1
Options - Toggle Snap-to-Grid -unassigned- -unassigned-


Path - Select S


Polygon - Add Points -unassigned-
Polygon - AutoTile -unassigned-
Polygon - Create points Shift + =
Polygon - Flip F
Polygon - Flip Split -unassigned-
Polygon - Make polygon P
Polygon - Merge Shift + Z
Polygon - Merge (remove verts) -unassigned-
Polygon - Merge (retain verts) -unassigned-
Polygon - Remove K
Polygon - Remove Points -unassigned-
Polygon - Split Ctrl + L
Polygon - Subdivide Shift + D
Polygon - Surface props. Q
Polygon - Triple Shift + T
Polygon - Unify Shift + I


Script - Compress Scripts to minimum required threads -unassigned-
Script - Fade -unassigned-
Script - Insert Blank Frames -unassigned-
Script - Left align selected script commands -unassigned-
Script - Modify N64 Alpha -unassigned-
Script - Modify Numerically -unassigned-
Script - Move Path -unassigned-
Script - Rescale entire script -unassigned-
Script - Right align selected script commands -unassigned-
Script - Rotate Object X -unassigned-
Script - Rotate Object Y -unassigned-
Script - Rotate Object Z -unassigned-
Script - Rotate Path -unassigned-
Script - Shows all temporary hidden commands -unassigned-
Script - Split commands -unassigned-
Script - Strip unnecessary key frames. -unassigned-
Script - Toggle Keyframe K
Script - Toggle Looping Playback L
Script - Toggle Output Flag on Command -unassigned-
Script - Toggle Temporary Hidden Flag on Command -unassigned-
Selection - Deselect all -unassigned- -unassigned-
Selection - Hide selected - - -unassigned-
Selection - Hide unselected = = -unassigned-
Selection - Invert Shift + 2 Shift + 2
Selection - Select all -unassigned- -unassigned-
Selection - Select connected ]
Selection - Select Faces by Edge -unassigned-
Selection - Select Faces by Poly -unassigned-
Selection - Select First -unassigned-
Selection - Select Next Tab Tab Tab Tab
Selection - Select Previous Shift + Tab Shift + Tab Shift + Tab Shift + Tab
Selection - Select Second -unassigned-
Selection - Toggle backface selection -unassigned-
Selection - Toggle select connected -unassigned-
Selection - Unhide \ \ -unassigned- \
Stamp - Select -unassigned-
Stamp - Select and drag -unassigned-
Stamp - Stamp -unassigned-
Stamp - Stamp and drag -unassigned-
Texture - Abut texture -unassigned-
Texture - Box projection -unassigned-
Texture - Copy UVs -unassigned-
Texture - Cycle UVs Anti-Clockwise -unassigned-
Texture - Cycle UVs Clockwise -unassigned-
Texture - Cylindrical projection -unassigned-
Texture - Duplicate UVs between layers -unassigned-
Texture - Environmental projection -unassigned-
Texture - Flip U -unassigned-
Texture - Flip UVs -unassigned-
Texture - Flip V -unassigned-
Texture - Linear projection Shift + P
Texture - Paint texture -unassigned-
Texture - Paste UVs -unassigned-
Texture - Spherical projection -unassigned-
Texture - Texture dialog M
Texture - Texture window -unassigned-
Texture - Wrap texture -unassigned-


TimeLine - Fit range to All -unassigned-
TimeLine - Fit range to Selected -unassigned-
TimeLine - Goto End End End
TimeLine - Goto Start Home Home
TimeLine - Next Frame F3 -unassigned- ] ]
TimeLine - Next Key Frame Shift + ]
TimeLine - Play F4 Space Space
TimeLine - Play Once F5
TimeLine - Previous Frame F2 -unassigned- [ [
TimeLine - Previous Key Frame Shift + [
TimeLine - Reset frames -unassigned-
TimeLine - Set End Frame for Playback E
TimeLine - Set Start Frame for Playback S
TimeLine - Stop Escape
TimeLine - Toggle playback frame-skipping -unassigned- -unassigned-


Tools - Add node -unassigned-
Tools - Angle -unassigned-
Tools - Delete node -unassigned-
Tools - Edit -unassigned-
Tools - Game Script -unassigned-
Tools - Insert item I I
Tools - Make Enter Enter -unassigned- Enter Enter
Tools - Measure -unassigned-
Tools - Merge -unassigned-
Tools - Motion Enter
Tools - Normalize N
Tools - Numeric -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned-
Tools - OctTree Test -unassigned-
Tools - Reset -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned-
Tools - Retrieve vector -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned-
Tools - Set node -unassigned-
Tools - Set value -unassigned-
Tools - Store vector -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned-
Tools - TriStrip Test -unassigned-
Tools - Weld Ctrl + W -unassigned-
Tools - Weld to centre -unassigned- -unassigned-
Tools programmer test function -unassigned-


Triggers - Select All Linked (Directly) -unassigned-
Triggers - Select All Linked (Recursive) -unassigned-


View - Equalise the size of all views -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned-
View - Fit all A A A A A A A A
View - Fit selected Shift + A -unassigned- Shift + A Shift + A Shift + A
View - Grab -unassigned-
View - Graph -unassigned-
View - Graph Editor G
View - Incrementally rotate view -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned-
View - Look at faces -unassigned-
View - Maximise the current view -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned-
View - Move Camera Vertically Down -unassigned- -unassigned-
View - Move Camera Vertically Up -unassigned- -unassigned-
View - Reset -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned-
View - Scroll down Down Down Down Down Down Down Down Down
View - Scroll left Left Left Left Left Left Left Left
View - Scroll right Right Right Right Right Right Right Right
View - Scroll up Up Up Up Up Up Up Up Up
View - Toggle active entity -unassigned-
View - Toggle Camera Interest -unassigned- -unassigned-
View - Toggle Camera Visibility -unassigned- -unassigned-
View - Toggle Fog -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned-
View - Toggle FPS Camera-Mode -unassigned- -unassigned-
View - Toggle Lighting -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned-
View - Toggle Outlined Polygons -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned-
View - Toggle Perspective -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned-
View - Toggle Render-Engine -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned- -unassigned-
View - Toggle Render-Type ` ` ` ` `
View - Use focus camera -unassigned-
View - Zoom in Period Period Period Period Period Period Period Period Period
View - Zoom out Comma Comma Comma Comma Comma Comma Comma Comma Comma


  1. Previous developer comment: (Discord server invite:
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