Fire Mummy (also called Burning Mummy and Flame Mummy) is an ability in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Description and Abilities Edit

Fire Trap

A fire trap.

Whenever Tutankhamen enters a fire trap or stands on a torch, he ignites into Fire Mummy form for a short period of time. Some torches allow him to ignite only for while he is standing upon them, only to extinguish shortly after stepping off of it.

After successfully catching fire, he can burn crates for Onyx scarabs (which Sphinx can use to purchase things with) or wood for levers. Additionally, it grants him immunity to fire, allowing him to walk upon lava flows (lava does not activate Fire Mummy form), pass through lava falls, and ignite gas spouts.

In some instances, platforms made of wood need to be burned in order to access what they are blocking or what is sitting on top of them. Like other mummy abilities, the Fire Mummy form can only be activated by special areas, and it cannot be done "on command".

Trivia Edit

  • Of all of the mummy abilities, the Fire Mummy is the most used.
    • It is also considered a fan favorite, due to the Mummy's dancing around in the form, as well as the Fire Mummy music.
  • Torch-activated Fire Mummies only last for a split second when Mummy is removed from the torch.
  • Every Abydos Jewel trap aside from the first would instantly activate this form.
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