The Fortune Teller is a character in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Biography Edit

Cursed Palace Edit

The fortune teller is originally from Abydos; the Pharaoh's Wife called her to the palace to perform a prediction, where she was turned into stone by Anubis when Set became an imposing threat after his takeover. Sphinx rescues her with the blue Curse Stone. After being released, she tells of Set's plot to rule the world, and Sphinx's future.

She tells Sphinx that they will meet again, which may refer to the fact that Sphinx can return to her repeatedly in the palace for clues as to the location of Gold Ankh Pieces.

Traits and Appearance Edit

The fortune teller is a short green reptile with tall white hair. She wears a sand-colored tunic.


"Heliopolis was once a bright and peaceful place...then things began to change, the days started to get shorter and the nights became longer...strange monsters began to appear in the hills to the far north...the climate changed; volcanoes began to stir within the mountains; the earth began to crack spilling lava from beneath...but then a most mysterious thing occurred.
As dawn broke and the people of Heliopolis rose to face another day, they saw something they could not believe nor understand...a monumental wall had appeared across the entire length of Heliopolis. They were stunned by its appearance but also thankful. This wall was apparently built to protect them from the turmoil in the north.
Alas, there was a twist in the tale. The wall was built, but the inhabitants of the Pharaoh's Palace were cursed and cast into stone. This was the heavy price to pay for the protection of the wall. From that point on, this place became known as the Cursed Palace.
―Giving the recent history of Heliopolis and the Cursed Palace
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