The game manual was included with every physical game of Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. However, it had many inconsistencies with the final game, and is not considered reliable beyond the controls listed. It is likely that the manual was written while the game was in development, and printed before certain aspects of the game changed.


Blowpipe manual

Third-person blowpipe controls

A screenshot of the unused third-person view for the Blowpipe item appears.


Horus nefertiti

Horus's biography

Horus is stated to be a friend to Nefertiti in the game manual and an enemy of Set, and may therefore have originally been a consistent ally throughout the game, perhaps aiding Nefertiti himself after she lost Tutankhamen.


Fire Armadillo

Skullworshippers manual

The entry for Skull Worshippers

The Skull Worshipper instead has the image of a Skeletal Axeman, and the description of the Skull Swordsman.

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