The Gauntlet Man is a character in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. He owns the Corridor of Champions in Abydos.

Biography Edit

Living near Abydos Plaza, it is assumed that the gauntlet man received a large number of patrons to the Corridor of Champions. He allowed Sphinx to compete after he successfully retrieved the blue diamond. After completing all three stages, the man granted Sphinx the Medal of Champions.

Traits and Appearance Edit

The Gauntlet Man is an anthropomorphic crocodile with green, scaly skin.

Connection with Ancient EgyptEdit

The Gauntlet Man looks like the god Sobek, who is a crocodile-headed deity.

Trivia Edit

  • He is considered by several players to be the most hated person in Abydos. Upon reaching the Third Gauntlet, many players have taken to slashing at him with the Blade of Osiris (to no effect, as the weapon passes through him) and/or plotting his murder.
  • Despite appearances, his name is not Sobek.

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