The Geb Queen is the second boss encountered by Sphinx in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Biography Edit

The Geb Queen lived in her palace located in the Uruk Islands. Being that she was the holder of the Sacred Crown of Uruk, she was confronted by Sphinx, who wished to obtain it. During the fight, she utilized her Skull Swordsmen henchmen to fight him. Additionally, she would turn Sphinx into a Small Frog. Unlike regular Spike Spiders, the ones in her palace would be used to defeat her. Sphinx eventually won the fight.

Personality and Traits Edit

The Geb Queen was the second boss faced by Sphinx. During most of the fight, she had a force field around her (similar to the Smiling Burble's). At any point during the fight, she could call upon her Skull Swordsmen minions to attack Sphinx.

Upon turning Sphinx into a Small Frog temporarily, he could jump near the Queen's throne and release the Spike Spiders. This would remove the queen's shield, leaving her vulnerable to attacks from the Blade of Osiris. Overall, the Geb Queen looked mantis-like, with green flesh and folded arms. Her abdomen also resembled that of a Chinese mantis.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being known as the "Geb Queen", she had no resemblance to the Geb species.
  • The Geb Queen's programming code, "#define SFX_CS_SAK_QUEEN_BUILDUP 0x1A0000A3", suggests that she was to be primarily in Sakkara during the battle. This is seen in the "Making of Sphinx" bonus video.
  • She is the only female boss.
  • The top of her head resembles a sun disk resting between two curved horns, similar to artistic depictions of the Goddess Hathor.

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