The Geb Queen's Palace is a palace located in the Uruk Islands.

History Edit

The Geb Queen lived in the palace alongside her Skull Swordsman minions and caged Spike Spiders. She was forced to fight Sphinx after he confronted her. She was defeated and killed, allowing Sphinx to obtain the Sacred Crown of Uruk. It is unknown what became of the palace after the defeat of Set.

Appearance Edit

The palace was a single-room building that was mostly a large floor. An upper level that housed the Queen's throne was accessible only when Sphinx was transformed into a Small Frog. There were cages filled with Spike Spiders that could be released with the press of the button.

Sphinx as Small Frog

Sphinx turned into a Small Frog

Inhabitants, Items, and Sub-Locations Edit

Monsters Edit

Items Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The enemies in the Geb Queen's Palace were originally going to be Gebs, and it was set to be located in Sakkara.
  • Originally, the palace was to be a blue-hued room instead of its orange/yellow appearance, as Sakkara's color scheme consisted of many shades of blue and green.

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