Glitches are errors in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy that can be activated by certain actions. They usually only apply to a specific version of the game, and will have been fixed in later versions.

List of Glitches Edit

Content involved Version Information Cautions
NPCs PC Sometimes NPCs spawn below the floor. This can be fixed by entering an Abydos minigame room if possible. Save file must be reloaded if a minigame is not accessible, for example when fighting the Geb Queen.
Great Wall Entrance III Normally the Hands of Amun are required to enter the Great Wall Entrance III, but a glitch allows you to enter as soon as you gain access to Heliopolis Point. Go to the entrance, perform a slam attack into the gate and then a single jump, and Sphinx will enter. Should only be used after finishing the obelisk chapter as crucial items may otherwise be missed. Some players have also reported missing items in their inventory afterwards.
Healing Herb
Medicine Bag
The Medicine Bag fails to keep the Healing Herbs alive when picked. Requires starting a new game
Sacred Statue
All 2003 console releases Saving the game in the Dungeon then reloading the game before any other save point is used results in a door closing that Tutankhamen must go though to continue the game. Requires starting a new game
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