Great Wall Entrance I is the first of three entrances to the Great Wall of Heliopolis in Heliopolis. Anubis Tower is inside, guarded by several monsters.

History Edit

Sphinx was required to visit Great Wall Entrance I after Imhotep told him to visit Anubis, who lived in a tower within it. On his way, he encountered Almost-a-Bulls, Fire Armadillos, Crabhands, and a number of other monsters. It became a place that he would visit often. On his first visit, he obtained the Blowpipe.

Appearance Edit

Like the other entrances of the wall, Great Wall Entrance I was a dark, stone area that featured a number of monsters protecting it, as well as chambers. The first room contained a gas vent in which Almost-a-Bulls would appear. Beyond the door was a bridge that led to a platform, raising Sphinx up to another floor. A bridge would take him to a sequence machine that would in turn give him the blowpipe. Two rooms off to the sides were accessed by a platform. A large tower was also inside, known as Anubis Tower.

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  • None

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Trivia Edit

  • Fans often mistake the entire Great Wall Entrance I for Anubis Tower.

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