Heliopolis is a vast desert location in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. It was composed of the Cursed Palace Area, Heliopolis Point, Heliopolis Desert, and South Beach.

History Edit

Heliopolis was once a great desert kingdom bordering Uruk, but became a wasteland filled with monsters. Anubis began setting up perilous traps and supposedly destroyed the city. He set up the Eye of Ra Posts, made the soil unworkable, created the Great Wall of Heliopolis, and cursed everyone in the Pharaoh's Palace. Later, it was revealed that all this was done to protect Heliopolis from Set. Here, Sphinx saved the inhabitants of the Cursed Palace, destroyed the posts, returned the farmers to their plots, and helped Anubis gather the Sacred Crowns. After he did so, Osiris revealed himself and sent Sphinx to fight Set.

Appearance Edit

Heliopolis was a large expanse of sand surrounded by a vast ocean except for the northern border, which is the Great Wall and Uruk. Careful observation reveals that Heliopolis as a whole may be a relatively short peninsula, being surrounded by ocean on three sides.

Heliopolis map

The map of Heliopolis in the game's manual (remastered and colorized)


Connection with ancient EgyptEdit

Heliopolis is a real location in Egypt. It is one the largest ruins. The name "Heliopolis" is Greek for "The Land of the Sun." Its native name, Iwnw(ee-oo-noo) translates to "The Pillars" and has several variants, including Awnu, Annu and Iunu. The city was associated with the gods Aten, Ra, and Horus.

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