The Heliopolis Desert is a large desert located in Heliopolis containing the Bedouin Outpost and Lost Temple of Heliopolis.

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Sphinx had to visit the Heliopolis Desert on numerous occasions for several different reasons, the main one being to locate the Lost Temple of Heliopolis and the Bedouin Outpost. The area contained several types of monsters, such as Knives Cats and Nose Needlers.

Among some of the inhabitants of the desert were Shetta and Urbain, the healer and the archaeologist, respectively. The homeless bird that Sphinx previously assisted in Abydos also lived there, having moved there with the donated funds.

Appearance Edit

Similarly to the rest of Heliopolis, the Heliopolis Desert was a vast expanse of sand that was made accessible through various points of the area. Part of the location was pressed up against the ocean, forming a beach along the Bedouin Outpost. Among its geographical structures were cliffs, mesas, plateaus, and so on.

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  • The Heliopolis Desert has been incorrectly referred to as "the Desert Area Near the Bedouin Outpost", although technically, this description is correct.

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