"Don't worry Tutankhamen, there must be another way to change you back. Perhaps other worlds will hold the key to your salvation. We will help you find the answer..."
―Imhotep to Tutankhamen

Imhotep is a character in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Biography Edit

Imhotep is a powerful magician, possessing the ability to levitate, receive visions, conjure images of objects, and teleport to Sphinx's side.

At the start of the game he sends out two of his apprentices, Sphinx and Horus, to find the Blade of Osiris so that they can defeat Set. After the loss of Horus, Sphinx obtains the sword and Imhotep orders him to make his way to the Portal God chamber in order to get home. After the Eye of Ra disrupts the mission, Imhotep then resides at Sun Shrine Island.

Traits and AppearanceEdit

Imhotep is a purple ape of some kind; the same species as the Pharaoh of Heliopolis. He has a white nemes-shaped mane (complete with cobra decoration), beard and mustache.

His attire consists of an orange collar draped over his shoulders and long ankle-length robes. He towered over nearly every other character, even though he stood slightly hunched over from old age.

Personality Edit

Imhotep is a traditional mentor character, wise, patient, and concerned for the well-being of his apprentices and the fate of the world. His guidance and magical powers are central to Sphinx and Tutankhamen succeeding in their respective goals.

Imhotep wastes no time in coming up with solutions to problems. He is good at seeing potential in others, entrusting the fate of the world to two young and inexperienced apprentices.

When Horus tries to kill Sphinx with the Dark Stone of Invisibility Imhotep seems sorrowful, but does not let regret cloud his judgement. He quickly realizes that Horus cannot be redeemed in time, and advises Sphinx not to trust him any longer.

Connection with Ancient EgyptEdit

The real Imhotep, was a healer, engineer and architect in Egypt. He reportedly invented the step pyramid for Pharaoh Menes, and after his death became a god of medicine and healing.

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