This article is about the Urukite freed by Tutankhamen. For the sailor who transports Sphinx, see Khonsu.
"Argh!!! A monster!!!! I thought it would be death by starvation, but it's much worse. Argh!!"
―Khensu, on seeing Tutankhamen for the first time

Khensu is a character in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Biography Edit

Imprisonment and Rescue Edit

Khensu is imprisoned by Set, accused of stealing the Abydos Jewels from the Castle of Uruk - an action actually being committed by Tutankhamen. He is locked in a cage in the dungeon. When Tutankhamen is brought to life by Bas-Ket, Khensu is frightened of him, thinking he will take his soul. However, when Tutankhamen frees him, Khensu helps Tut escape the jail. As it is too dangerous to stay together, they then part ways.

Khensu then manages to make contact with his chief, Sobek, and tell him of Tutankhamen's actions.

Appearance and Traits Edit

Khensu is an Urukite. He wears a conical hat much like Sekhmet's.

Connection with Ancient EgyptEdit

Khensu was an Egyptian lunar deity whose name meant "traveler". However, a different spelling of the same god's name is used for the character of Khonsu, leading to some confusion among fans.

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