The playable world of Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy is split internally into level files containing different areas, which are then loaded as the player travels between them. The divisions between level files often correspond with what the player perceives as separate locations, but this is not always the case.

Level naming convention Edit

In the Eurocom documentation it is stated that "world" prefixes generally use three letters, while "retouched" world levels that are undergoing a second pass start with an underscore and omit a letter, usually the last. For example, the mum Mummy level prefix turns into _mu.

This shows that Mummy levels were tweaked extensively, well into their detailing stage. Exceptions are mum_towr and mum_eyei, which were shipped in a rougher state and look notably different than their "retouched" counterparts.

Level lists Edit

Level filenames are usually abbreviated and often refer to an internal name that was later changed during development for the final in-game name. The full original level names are given as tooltips on the filenames.

Final and pre-release levelsEdit

This is a listing of all the internal level files as used in the final release, and their hashcodes. Also included are some unused levels available in the Authoring Tools, such as the regions of Akaria and Sakkara.

Location names marked with * were removed from the final version of the game. The source files were included with the Authoring Tools and then restored and improved by jmarti856 in the Shadow of Set mod for the PC version. All are still listed in the hashcodes.h file where, due to the nature of hashcodes, their constants appear in the order they were created.

Location Level filename Level hashcode
Tag Hex constant
Abydos Sewers _ab_sewr.edb HT_File_Map_ab_sewr 0x01000269
Abydos Canal _ab_cana.edb HT_File_Map_ab_cana 0x010001b9
Montu's Monster Shop _ab_shop.edb HT_File_Map_ab_shop 0x01000268
Abydos Museum _ab_musm.edb HT_File_Map_ab_musm 0x01000264
Council Chambers _ab_cncl.edb HT_File_Map_ab_cncl 0x010002c3
Apocalypse's Lair _ak_du6.edb HT_File_Map_ak_du6 0x0100024d
Abydos South * _ab_sth.edb HT_File_Map_ab_sth 0x010001af
Abydos North * _ab_nrth.edb HT_File_Map_ab_nrth 0x010001ad
Abydos Minigames
Tefnut's Target Tavern mg_shoot.edb HT_File_Map_mg_shoot 0x010002c8
Corridor of Champions mg_walls.edb HT_File_Map_mg_walls 0x010002c9
Sorkon's Sequence Shack mg_simon.edb HT_File_Map_mg_simon 0x010002ca
Paneb's Pair Matching Place mg_pairs.edb HT_File_Map_mg_pairs 0x010002cb
Heliopolis exterior _hl_ext.edb HT_File_Map_hl_ext 0x01000262
Cursed Palace _hl_cp.edb HT_File_Map_hl_cp 0x010002a4
Great Wall Entrance I and Anubis Tower _hl_ws1.edb HT_File_Map_hl_ws1 0x01000294
Great Wall Entrance II (access room) _hl_rm1.edb HT_File_Map_hl_rm1 0x010002dc
Great Wall Entrance II (wall section part) _hl_ws2.edb HT_File_Map_hl_ws2 0x01000263
Great Wall Entrance III _hl_ws3.edb HT_File_Map_hl_ws3 0x010002a0
Lost Temple of Heliopolis _hl_dng.edb HT_File_Map_hl_dng 0x01000295
Cave I * _hl_cv1.edb HT_File_Map_hl_cv1 0x0100023c
Cave II * _hl_cv2.edb HT_File_hel_cv2 0x01000136
Luxor Palace (Tut) _lu_pala.edb HT_File_Map_lu_pala 0x01000265
Mysterious Location _lu_pyra.edb HT_File_Map_lu_pyra 0x0100024b
Outskirts of the Castle of Uruk urk_intr.edb HT_File_Map_ur_intr 0x010002be
Uruk Canyon _hl_da2.edb HT_File_Map_hl_da2 0x010002a7
Uruk Islands and Geb Queen's Palace _hl_da3.edb HT_File_Map_hl_da3 0x010002a8
Uruk Temple _ur_4pat.edb HT_File_urk_4pat 0x01000233
Uruk Castle Run _ur_cast.edb HT_File_Map_ur_cast 0x010002a6
First battle with Set JB_Seth1.edb HT_File_urk_seth1 0x010001ca
Final battle with Set _Set02.edb HT_File_Map_cas_lowr 0x010001bc
Uruk Fortress * _ur_hub.edb HT_File_Map_ur_hub 0x0100026d
Uruk Castle Jail and Hub (all visits) _mu_cast.edb HT_File_Map_mu_cast 0x010002cd
Visit #1: Impulse Planetarium _mu_imp2.edb HT_File_Map_mu_imp2 0x010001d6
Visit #2: Treasure Chamber (intro) _mu_trei.edb HT_File_Map_mu_trei 0x010002d5
Visit #3: Uruk Castle Tower exterior mum_towr.edb HT_File_mum_towr 0x01000175
Visit #3: Hang Circuit _mu_htrn.edb HT_File_Map_mu_htrn 0x01000238
Visit #4: Uruk Castle Sewers _mu_sewr.edb HT_File_Map_mu_sewr 0x010002d8
Visit #5: Carousel Hall _mu_roto.edb HT_File_Map_mu_roto 0x010002b0
Visit #6: Trials of the Eye mum_eyei.edb HT_File_mum_eyei 0x01000172
Visit #6: Eye Beam Room _mu_eye.edb HT_File_Map_mu_eye 0x01000173
Geb Queen Chamber * mum_gebq.edb HT_File_mum_gebq 0x0100017a
Castle Exterior Ledges mum_ldge.edb HT_File_mum_ldge 0x0100016f
Mummy Palace * mum_pala.edb HT_File_mum_pala 0x01000171
Uruk Castle Central Well Area * mum_well.edb HT_File_mum_well 0x01000178
Uruk Castle Jail * mum_jail.edb HT_File_mum_jail 0x01000170
Interrogation Chamber mum_inch.edb HT_File_mum_inch 0x01000177
Treasure Chamber mum_trch.edb HT_File_mum_trch 0x0100016e
Underground Dungeon mum_udng.edb HT_File_mum_udng 0x01000174
Mummy Cadaver Room mum_cdvr.edb ?? ??
Akaria Dome and Diving Bell * _ak_1.edb HT_File_Map_ak_1 0x01000243
Akaria Palace * _ak_2.edb HT_File_Aka_2 0x01000111
Big Water Slide * _ak_du5.edb HT_File_Map_ak_du5 0x01000242
Akaria Minefield and Temple * _ak_3.edb HT_File_Map_ak_3 0x010001b1
Tortoise Pass * _ak_du1.edb HT_File_Map_ak_du1 0x01000226
Cave of Rolling Rocks * _ak_du2.edb HT_File_Map_ak_du2 0x0100023d
Pearls and Stalactites * _ak_du3.edb HT_File_Map_ak_du3 0x01000237
Sakkara Stonehenge, Geb Tracks, Swamp * _sk_1.edb HT_File_Map_sk_01 0x01000245
Ruined City, Steps * _sk_2.edb HT_File_Map_sk_02 0x01000246
River Valley * _sk_3.edb HT_File_Map_sk_03 0x01000247
Sakkarian Tower * _sk_05.edb HT_File_Map_sk_05 0x01000278
Sakkarian Refuge * _sk_06.edb HT_File_Sakk_6 0x01000114
Hittite Village * _sk_07.edb HT_File_Map_sk_07 0x0100029e
Sakkarian Temple * _sk_08.edb HT_File_Map_sk_08 0x0100029f
Debug + Testing
Monster Test Rooms MonsTest.edb HT_File_Monster_Test 0x0100007b
Non-Player Character test rooms NPCTest.edb HT_File_NPC_Test 0x0100017b
Sphinx Training training.edb HT_File_Training 0x010000cc
Mummy Skill Test MumSkill.edb HT_File_MummyTestMap 0x010000ee
Book of Sphinx Test BOSTest.edb HT_File_BOSTest 0x01000137
Blocky Demostration Map DemoMap.edb HT_File_DemoMap 0x010000e0
Winged Lion Test Circuit lion_t1.edb HT_File_lion_t1 0x01000138
Cove (first map for initial bring-up) MapTest.edb HT_File_MapTest 0x01000004
Mummy Debug Portal Room MUM_TEMP.edb HT_File_MummyTestMap 0x010000ee
Ground Surface Sound Test (modified cove) SurfTest.edb HT_File_Test_SurfaceTest 0x010001c6
Trigger Test (modified cove) TrigTest.edb HT_File_TrigTest 0x010000c7
Mummy Trigger Test (modified cove) MummTest.edb HT_File_Mummy_Test 0x0100010d
FX Test (modified cove) FXTest.edb HT_File_FXTest 0x01000140
FX Environment Test (modified cove) FX_Env.edb HT_File_FX_Environment_Map 0x01000260
Test Pick-ups (early Hang Train) tst_pick.edb HT_File_tst_pick 0x01000227

Early versionsEdit

These early versions of levels either were never used in the final release, or were merged into others or split apart.

Filename Final file Notes
CScene_hel_cp.elf _hl_cp.edb Early Cursed Palace. Circular water pool; one wing. Matches exterior floor plan.
gqboss.elf _hl_da3.edb Standalone Geb Queen's Palace. Later merged (possibly post Sakkara discard).
_ab_cana_20030914.elf _ab_cana.elf Backup: 2003-09-14
_ab_cex.elf _ab_cncl.edb Council chambers exterior; merged (early inner fountain with submerged secret door, statue instead of chest, draw bridge to _ab_sth is visible).
_ab_cin1.elf Council chambers interior 1; merged (extra levers; no key glyph mechanics, for some reason a bunch of picture frames hanging from walls).
_ab_cin2.elf Council chambers interior 2; merged.
_ak_dng1a.elf _ak_du1.edb Early version, only waterfall chunk.
_hl_da1.elf _hl_ws1.edb Early Anubis Tower; later merged into the first wall section.
_hl_da2_20030914.elf _hl_da2.elf Backup: 2003-09-14
_hl_ext_20030731.elf _hl_ext.elf Backup: 2003-07-31 (all three parts of the peninsula still together)
_hl_ext_20030909.elf Backup: 2003-09-09 (all the submaps are now far from each other)
_lu_pala_20030731.elf _lu_pala.elf Backup: 2003-07-31
_lu_pyra_20030912.elf _lu_pyra.elf Backup: 2003-09-12
_mu_imp2_20030806.elf _mu_imp2.elf Backup: 2003-08-06
_ur_2key.elf _hl_da3.edb 2 Keys; became the left part of Uruk Islands, stripped down.
_ur_3bms.elf _hl_da2.edb 3 Light Beams; merged with _ur_hub, turned into second Dark Area.
_ur_intr_20030912.elf _ur_intr.elf Backup: 2003-09-12
hel_rm1.elf _hl_rm1.edb Non-retouched version (very dark ambiance; early texturing)
JB_Seth2.elf _Set02.edb Non-retouched version of the final battle. Only blocked-in gameplay.
mum_eye.elf _mu_eye.edb Non-retouched version (rough geometry; a lot of placeholders)
mum_roto.elf _mu_roto.edb Non-retouched version (no statues, dark)
mum_sewr.elf _mu_sewr.edb Non-retouched version (early version; connects with mum_well)
mum_trei.elf _mu_trei.edb Non-retouched version (unrefined lava and textures, no fan details)
shop.edb Reuse. Turned the king's palace into a shop (possibly post Akaria discard)
urk_cast.elf _ur_cast.edb Non-retouched version
urk_intr.elf _ur_intr.edb Non-retouched version (very unrefined; alpha)

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