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The following is a complete pictorial list of the items in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, arranged alphabetically by type.

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Ability ItemsEdit

Ability items are items that impact on the character's abilities. Most of these items affect Sphinx; Tutankhamen can only use the Dark Stone of Invisibility and collect Onyx Scarabs.

History Edit

Ability items first came into use with Sphinx, starting with the Blade of Osiris. Along his journey, Sphinx collected several other ability items, some of them giving him the ability of strength, swimming, and double jumping.


Quest Items Edit

Quest items have impact on the game's story.


Stairs Key

Ability Items
Found by Sphinx Beetle Pouch | Beetle Satchel | Blade of Osiris | Blowpipe | Capture Beetle | Crocodile Scales | Dark Stone of Invisibility | Dart | Dart Belt | Large Scarab Bag | Scarab | Scarab Bag | Shield of Osiris
Found by Tutankhamen Hands of Amun | Onyx Scarab | Wings of Ibis
Quest Items
Found by Sphinx Abydos Pass Card | Abydosian Pearl | Atun Eye | Bas-Ket | Beetle Breeding Jar | Blue Diamond | Book of the Dead | Book of Sphinx | Canopic Vase | Coconut | Curse Stone | Dark Stone of Invisibility | Eagle Stone | Gold Ankh Piece | Hathor Statue | Healing Herb | Hunter Certificate | Key | Loyalty Card | Medal | Monster List | Parasol | Physician's Note | Portal Amulet | Rosetta Stone | Sacred Crown | Skeleton Fragment | Zip Line Handle
Found by Tutankhamen Abydos Jewel | Atun Statue | Hands of Amun | Key | Medicine Bag | Nefertiti's Letter | Old Amulet | Royal Invitation | Sacred Crown | Wings of Ibis
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