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A pictorial list of all of the locations visited in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, organised by super-location.


Visited by Sphinx
Visited by Tutankhamen
Visited by Both





Abydos Abydos Canal | Abydos Museum | Abydos Plaza | Abydos Sewers | Apocalypse's Lair | Council Chambers | Council Chamber Courtyard | Grand Canal | Montu's Monster Shop
Heliopolis Anubis's Tower | Bedouin Outpost | Cursed Palace | Cursed Palace Area | Great Wall of Heliopolis | Great Wall Entrance I | Great Wall Entrance II | Great Wall Entrance III | Heliopolis Desert | Heliopolis Point | Lost Temple of Heliopolis | Riverside Farm | South Beach | Sun Shrine Island
Luxor Courtyard | Luxor Palace | Mysterious Location | Treasure Room | Tutankhamen's Room
Uruk Castle of Uruk | Geb Queen's Palace | Outskirts of Castle of Uruk | Planetarium of Amusement | Uruk Canyon | Uruk Islands | Uruk Temple