Monsters are creatures found throughout various regions of Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

History Edit

While there is no defined history of how the monsters came to be, however it is known that several hostile creatures took over Heliopolis when Set came to power over Egypt. Some creatures respawn in their locations, while others don't naturally live there and hence do not respawn. The Abydos Museum in Abydos gladly accepts donations of these monsters and displays them in the Natural History portion of the building.

Monsters Edit

Already at the MuseumEdit

These monsters are already in the Abydos Museum; most of them cannot be captured at all.

Geb Mini

Purchasable or TradableEdit

These monsters cannot be found in the wild, but may be purchased from Montu's Monster Shop or traded for.

Rat Mini

Hostile and CapturableEdit

Trivia Edit

Capturable Almost-a-Bull | Big Bull | Blade Scorpion | Chihuahua | Cobra | Crabhands | Cyclops | Dark Worshipper | Electric Armadillo | Exo-Piranha | Fire Armadillo | Green Giant Worm | Half Brute | Knives Cat | Mummy Chihuahua | Mummy Worm | Nose Needler | Piranha | Sharpbeak | Skeletal Axeman | Skeletal Spider | Skull Swordsman | Skull Worshipper | Slim Burble | Smiling Burble | Spike Spider | Sunflower | Tree Creature | Wasp Spider
Non-Capturable Alert Spider | Electric Eel | Featherless Turkey | Geb | Goofy Lizard | Manta Ray | Mummy Bird | Mummy Eagle | Rat | Sea Turtle | Shell Critter | Shuttlecock Bird | Small Frog | Spinefish | Spitting Toad
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