Lost Temple of Heliopolis
Lost Temple of Heliopolis
Name Lost Temple of Heliopolis
Monsters Dark Worshipper
Skeletal Axeman
People Urbain
Items Aqua Darts
Rosetta Stone Pieces
Skeletal Arm
Skeletal Leg
Skeletal Pelvis
Sub-Locations N/A
Gallery Lost Temple of Heliopolis Gallery

The Lost Temple of Heliopolis is a large temple in Heliopolis' desert.

History Edit

Urbain the archaeologist spent most of his life in search of the Rosetta Stone. By the time he arrived at the Lost Temple of Heliopolis, he was too old to search. Sphinx was set out to obtain the pieces, which he did successfully. Luckily, the pieces were put back together to form a whole stone, which Sphinx was allowed to utilize in order to decode the Prophecy of Ra.

Appearance Edit

Like all of the other large temples in Heliopolis, the Lost Temple of Heliopolis was a dark, stony place that was ridden with monsters. It contained a series of corridors, rooms, and halls as well as traps and places of danger.

Inhabitants, Items, and Sub-Locations Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Being so large, it is unknown how it could ever have been lost.
  • It is advised to first acquire the first Monster hunting list from the Beetle shop in the Bedouin Outpost, as at least three of them are found in the temple.