"Please, Prince, can you stop making a complete mess of the room?"
―To Tutankhamen, as he knocks over jars in his bedroom

The maid is a character in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Biography Edit

Luxor PalaceEdit

The maid is one of many servants at Luxor Palace. She is usually found dusting Tutankhamen's Room as well as the palace's sarcophagi. If Tutankhamen breaks the pots in the room, she gets frustrated with him before cleaning up the mess.

Uruk TempleEdit

In the Uruk Temple, Sphinx must apparently rescue her and her little brothers from where they are trapped. After he's done so, they turn into Skull Swordsmen. It is not known if the maid is an impostor all along, or if the Skull Swordsmen merely use her shape in the temple to bait Sphinx.

Appearance and TraitsEdit

The maid wears blue clothing and carries a large duster.

If Tutankhamen tries to leave his bedroom with his pink outfit on, she protests, calling it ugly and making him put on his blue clothes.

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