The Mayor's Advisors
Mayor's Advisors
Name The Mayor's Advisors
Gender Male
Home Council Chambers, Abydos
Role Antagonists
Relations Mayor of Abydos (Master)
Set (Master)
Sphinx (Opponent)
Age Unknown
Death Confrontation with Sphinx
Cause of Death Killed by Sphinx
Status Dead
Gallery Mayor's Advisors Gallery

The Mayor's advisors are two antagonists in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Biography Edit

Jewel Unveiling and Betrayal Edit

At the unveiling of the Abydos Jewels in the Abydos Museum, it was discovered that the jewels were stolen. The advisors later blamed Sphinx when the Mayor became deathly sick. However, after the ailing Mayor was healed by Sphinx with the use of healing herbs, the Abydosian leader was about to give him the Sacred Crown of Abydos. Enraged,the advisors stole the crown, and revealed that they were the ones who poisoned the Mayor, infested the waters with Electric Eels, and stole the Abydos Jewels. They joined together to form a creature known as Apocalypse. Eventually, they were defeated in a confrontation with Sphinx.

Traits and Appearance Edit

The two advisors resembled birds, specifically vultures and the goddess Nekhbet. They never helped the Mayor, and were always trying to take the throne from him. It is revealed that they were working for Set. Like Nekhbet, they were content to allow the Mayor to die.

Trivia Edit