The medals are quest items in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. They are earned by Sphinx by completing minigames, and can eventually be used to acquire the Goofy Lizard.

Marksman MedalEdit


The Marksman Medal

"An impressive looking medal proving you are a true marksman with the Blowpipe."
Book of Sphinx

The Marksman Medal is obtained from Tefnut in Tefnut's Target Tavern.

Medal of ChampionsEdit


The Medal of Champions

"An impressive looking medal proving you are the Champion of Corridors."
Book of Sphinx

The Medal of Champions is obtained from the Gauntlet Man in the Corridor of Champions.

Medal of MemoryEdit


The Medal of Memory

"An impressive looking medal proving you completed Paneb's Pairs game."
Book of Sphinx

The Medal of Memory is obtained from Paneb in Paneb's Pair Matching Place.

Medal of SequencesEdit


The Medal of Sequences

"An impressive looking medal proving you completed Sorkon's Sequence game."
Book of Sphinx

The Medal of Sequences is obtained from Sorkon in Sorkon's Sequence Shack.

Acquiring the Goofy LizardEdit

"Hey! Are those game medals? Wow! If you get all four of them, I'll swap this usele-- I mean valuable lizard for them!"
―The Goofy Lizard's owner

In order to complete the Abydos Museum's monster collection, it needs a Goofy Lizard, but this cannot be bought or found wild. A man in Abydos Canal has one; he tells Sphinx that he bought it to impress his girlfriend, but it won't do tricks or anything. If Sphinx acquires all the minigame medals, he can trade them for the lizard.

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