Name Menes
Gender Male
Home Unknown
Role Antagonist
Relations Tutankhamen (Victim)
Set (Master)
Age Unknown
Death Unknown
Cause of Death Unknown
Status Unknown
Gallery Menes Gallery

Menes is an antagonist in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Biography Edit

Tutankhamen's Birthday and Murder Edit

Menes was the short assistant and advisor to Set. While living in Luxor Palace, he often interacted with Tutankhamen. He also knew Nefertiti, and tried to convince her not to marry Tutankhamen. He and Set (while disguised as Akhenaten) conspired to kill the prince, and, when Tutankhamen walked in on the gathering at the Mysterious Location, he was taken to be killed. When Sphinx interrupted the ceremony and destroyed the device, both Set and Menes were sucked in a vortex to the Castle of Uruk.

Castle of Uruk Edit

Menes continued to work for Set while in the Castle of Uruk, where he created various devices and traps around the castle to protect it from intruders, periodically seen being frustrated at several items going missing around the castle, such as several of the Abydos Jewels. He was last seen shortly after Tut had acquired the last crown, where both Set and Menes had discovered he was the perpetrator all along. What became of Menes after the fall of Set is unknown.

Traits and Appearance Edit

Menes was a short and old-looking man that was considerably smaller than Set. He practiced telepathy, dark magic, and mummification.

Trivia Edit

  • His name is a reference to ancient Egyptian king who is considered to be the first in history: Pharaoh Menes. He is credited with unifying the upper and lower regions of Egypt into a single monarchy.
    • After his death, he was buried not in a mastaba like previous rulers, but in the first of the Egyptian Pyramids.
  • Menes is one of the few major antagonistic characters in the game who's fate is left unknown by the end of the game. It's possible his fate was left unclear to be used in a potential sequel.