Montu's Monster Shop is a shop in Abydos.

History Edit

Sphinx visited the shop only on business, either to sell monsters or buy them for the Abydos Museum or side quests. All of the monsters sold there were exclusive to the shop.

Appearance Edit

Montu's Monster Shop was a small shop in upper Abydos. It featured a long hall in the entrance and a small chamber in which Montu stood and sold his monsters.

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Monsters Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The Shuttlecock Bird and Featherless Turkey cannot be purchased until the scarab bag has been upgraded.
  • The selling value is about 1/6th of the monster's actual value.
  • The following monsters cannot be sold: Chihuahua, Goofy Lizard, Piranha, and Exo-Piranha
    • The Chihuahua cannot be sold due to their common presence, Goofy Lizard due to their uselessness, and the two Piranha species due to one biting the Mayor on the butt and inciting him to ban the use of monsters in Abydos.

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