Mummy Bird
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Buy Price Sell Price
300 Scarabs 50 Scarabs
Attack Defense
2 2
Weapon Hostile
Museum Display
Wing Number
Right 7
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The Mummy Bird is a monster in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Description Edit

Journal Description Edit

They may be undead, but they're definitely unfriendly. Will swoop down beak first into anything they perceive as a threat. - Book of Sphinx

Museum Description Edit

When mummified, bandages were wrapped around the Mummy Bird's eyes, to safeguard against superstition. As a result, it relies on its sense of hearing to locate prey, leaping with claws extended in the approximate direction of the sound. - Abydos Museum

Traits, Appearance, and Abilities Edit

The Mummy Bird is a bandage-covered, undead parrot-like bird. It has greenish-blue feathers, and appears aggressive although it's never encountered.

Strategy Edit

N/A: Never found in the wild.

Locations Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Mummy Bird is never encountered in the wild, therefore its weapon and hostility is unknown.
    • It can be inferred from its description to be very hostile, while its image suggests it uses its beak to attack.