The Mysterious Location (also known as Luxor Pyramid) is a large, mysterious location in Luxor.

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Sphinx was forced to visit the Mysterious Location after failing to get the Temple Amulet. Instead, he used his recently obtained Mysterious Amulet. While on his mission, he encountered skeletons who had been brought to life by sorcery, conjured by Menes. Eventually, he walked in on the mummification ceremony of Tutankhamen. He was able to interrupt it and send Set and Menes through a vortex.

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The location was accessed by use of the Mysterious Amulet when used at a Portal God statue. The pyramid contained the Shield of Osiris, an Eye of Ra laser that resembled the head of the Geb Queen, and the mummification chamber in which Tutankhamen was mummified by Menes and Set (in the shape of Akhenaten).

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