Name Nefertiti
Gender Female
Home Luxor Palace, Luxor
Role Protagonist
Relations Sphinx (Rescuer)
Tutankhamen (Fiance)
Age 18 or 19 (Estimated)
Death N/A
Cause of Death N/A
Status Alive
Gallery Nefertiti Gallery

Nefertiti (also known as Lady Nefertiti) resides at Luxor Palace, and is a protagonist in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

Biography Edit

Luxor Palace Edit

Nefertiti resided inside the Luxor Palace and was engaged to Tutankhamen. She had told the maid that she would like to speak with him in the Courtyard. Menes tried to talk Nefertiti out of marrying him before Tutankhamen came outside. Menes left before he came out. Nefertiti's letter had to be chased down after it blew away. Once it was retrieved, she tactfully arranged a meeting with Tutankhamen so that they could discuss it's contents in private. Later, as Menes performs the ceremony to obtain Tutankhamen's soul for Akhenaten, she witnesses it in complete despair. After Sphinx interrupts the ceremony and rescues her from a trio of Skull Worshippers, she thanks him and laments over her plight. She recognizes Sphinx's bravery and strength and asks him to return Tutakhamen's soul to his body so he may live again. Imhotep appears before the pair and takes a shaken Nefertiti to safety. She is not seen again after this point.

Traits and Appearance Edit

Nefertiti's most distinguishing feature was her short red-orange hair (which may or may not have been a wig) and black eyebrows. She was probably around 18 or 19,and was the fiancé of Tutankhamen. Her choice of attire was an ankle length semi-sheer linen dress with pleats. She favored ornate gold jewelry to decorate her dress, hair, and arms. Rather than traditional Egyptian-style sandals, she sported brown leather boots. She also wore neutral-toned makeup.

She was about as tall as Tutankhamen and slightly taller than Sphinx.

Personality Edit

As the game manual states, Nefertiti was very perceptive of the underhanded aspects of palace life. As such, she appeared to be guarded and did not easily trust the other palace inhabitants. She was very protective of Tutankhamen and made it clear that she was very concerned for his safety, especially after reading a disturbing letter dropped by Menes. When he was killed, she was beside herself with grief and placed her faith in Sphinx, a complete stranger, hoping he could return her beloved to her.

When confronted by Menes over choosing Tutakhamen as her future husband, she is visibly annoyed at his ridiculous suggestion to marry his older brother instead, but keeps her feelings to herself, showing great restraint for Tutankhamen's sake. She was very sincere about her feelings for Tut and was clearly charmed by his innocence and goofy personality-not his status. Her affections for him shows she valued kindness and honesty above all else, being a person who possessed those traits herself.

Trivia Edit

  • In real life, Nefertiti was Tutankhamen's stepmother and was married to Akhenaten.
  • She is the first female main character to appear in the game.
  • Despite being portrayed as an important character both in-game and in promotional material, she does not appear again after Imhotep takes her to a safe location(which is not named).
  • Horus is stated to be a friend of hers in the game manual, hinting at two possibilities: Horus was supposed to be a consistent ally, perhaps aiding Nefertiti himself after she lost Tutankhamen. Alternatively, Nefertiti might have been featured more prominently throughout the story and Horus may have taken advantage of her in her state of grief under the guise of a sympathetic hero. This could have been a way for him to obtain more information about Sphinx's plans or to use Nefertiti as an obstacle(unintentional sabotage, a source of money/power, a hostage to force Sphinx's hand, etc.)