Old Amulets are Quest Items in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.


Tutankhamen is asked by his aunt, Seti, to recover the Old Amulets from around Luxor Palace, as she is too old to go searching for them. After he finds all eight, she tells him to deliver them to the Treasure Room. He carries them for the rest of the game.

The Old Amulets resemble Portal Amulets, and may well match with unknown Portal Gods; the Abydos Amulet itself is an amulet given to Nefertiti by Tutankhamen prior to the story.


  1. Behind the bird statue in Tutankhamen's room.
  2. Inside the far right wardrobe in the dining hall/throne room.
  3. Behind the left bird statue near the throne in the dining hall/throne room.
  4. Behind the bird statue (near where the Sarcophagus Key was obtained).
  5. On the ledge on the right after using the Sarcophagus, facing the throne in the throne room.
  6. On the ledge on the left after using the Sarcophagus, following the path to find it in a chest facing the throne in the throne room.
  7. Inside a wardrobe in Tutankhamen's room.
  8. Use the Wardrobe key and follow the path.

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